Willis Construction

Quality. Communication. Attention to Detail.

New Construction Projects

No matter what your project size, we have the skills, experience, and
attention to detail that will realize your vision.


Whether you are looking to modernize a bathroom
or would like to upgrade your kitchen,
your investment is safe with our team.


Whether you need a new room addition
or the enlargement an existing one,
you are in safe hands with Willis Construction!

Tax Incentives

Recent changes in tax law could put your dream project within reach.


Our reputation is founded on
building a true understanding of your vision.

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Willis Construction - Southport NC - Quality

This is not just a part of a slogan for Willis Construction. This is the first pledge made to our clients. Our reputation is on every board in your home. We hold everyone involved to the highest standards, and not only aim to meet codes, but to surpass them.

Willis Construction - Southport NC - Communication

This is part two of our pledge, and the cornerstone of any homebuilding project. We have spent years becoming experts at the best tools to manage any construction project, and create flawless understanding between everyone involved, from concept to inspection.

Willis Construction - Southport NC - Attention to Detail

If there is a “home field advantage”, this would be mine. I became a General Contractor so I could instill my attention to detail in the whole process of building dream homes. I believe that when your friends enter your house they should be in awe of the craftsmanship.